Personalized care and the best surgical outcomes in the area.

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Our Doctors

Our physicians completed subspecialty fellowships in sports medicine, joint replacement and interventional pain management. They trained at the top hospitals and universities in the country, including The Hospital for Special Surgery, Weill Cornell Medical Center, The Hospital for Joint Diseases, Yale University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

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Our Specialties

Comprehensive Orthopaedic Care
We provide care for the full range of orthopedic conditions, from sprains and fractures to ligament tears and arthritis. Our physicians stay current with the latest academic research to offer our patients the most innovative procedures.
Sports Medicine
We take care of everyone from little league players and high school athletes to members of an NFL team. Our experience on the sidelines is unparalleled. We also have a reputation for providing conservative treatment, which focuses equally on surgical and non-operative solutions.
Joint Replacement
Our surgeons specialize in total and partial knee replacement, hip replacement, and complex total joint revision surgery. Recent data shows that we have exceptionally low complication rates that are well below national standards, and unequaled in the area.
Interventional Pain Management
We are devoted to the treatment of pain, including musculoskeletal, neurological and cancer-related pain. Our goal is to decrease our patients' need for medication, and improve their overall quality of life

Our Patients

Our patients say we provide the most personalized care and it shows in our results. Statistics prove we have the best surgical outcomes in the area.

"Label me satisfied. 100%."
Michael M.
"After a lot of trial and error I found Dr. Fish he was fantastic. After three specialists he was the first to take his time and explain to me exactly how MY KNEES worked not someone else's. This allowed me to make the best educated decision on next steps. You can research all you want but it's important to know how you work as every person is unique."
Jamie M.
"Dr. Gupta is the very best in knee replacement surgery! Thank you!"
Natalie F.
"Dr. Daher took care of me with my meniscus tear this past year! He did a wonderful job with explaining what the surgery involves and did it with care. Thank you Dr. Daher!"
Jennifer F.
"Dr. Gupta is the only physician I'd want for any orthopaedic concern. He's exceptional in that he genuinely listened to my questions and concerns and went on to answer in ways I could understand. The Office Staff provided excellent, friendly and efficient service and made me feel cared for and respected."
John D.
"Our daughter is a Division I gymnast who has been treated by Dr. Fish since the age of 7. She had a serious knee injury in 2016 which required two surgeries and thanks to Dr. Fish, a wonderful person and an amazing surgeon, she is back 8 months later as a competitive gymnast. Could not be where she is without him!"
Kim S.
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Orthopaedic Specialists of Connecticut accepts most major insurance plans.
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